5 Apps That Have Kept Us Going in Lockdown

Ever since Google first made it commonplace for people to use the name of a company as a verb, many brands have strived to achieve the same level of success. In essence, it means that a brand has become so indispensable to its users, that it becomes synonymous with performing a particular action. During this lockdown, a few brands have made leaps and bounds in working towards achieving this status by consistently serving the needs of their customers. So we thought we’d put out our list of apps that have kept us going during this lockdown. Here they are, in no particular order:


The food delivery app has stepped up in these tough times and been servicing a whole range of people’s needs – from essentials like groceries and meat, to food delivery from its partner restaurants. Along the way, it has also been responsible by preaching to its users to adopt social distancing through contact-less delivery and payments through online methods. 
As a side note in case you weren’t aware, you can add your slice card as a payment option on Swiggy and get your essentials on a ‘buy now, pay later’ basis!

No surprises with this one. With the world under lockdown, people are using this time to catch up on watching a whole lot of movies and TV shows. And at the forefront of serving these users is Netflix. The streaming giant has seen a surge in viewership and even had to drop their video quality in order to ensure it can cope with the load of increased usage! So much for people learning new hobbies and skills during the lockdown.

Now we don’t like to blow our own horn, but we’re pretty proud of what we’ve been able to achieve in this lockdown period. From helping users pay for essentials on apps like BigBasket and Swiggy, to offering a new scratch card feature that allows users to win a cashback on their repayment – we’ve been working round the clock to alleviate the burden of this lockdown on our users. It’s a good time to be a slicer

Another e-commerce brand that has stepped up in these times and made it just a little bit easier to survive in this lockdown. Through the ‘Amazon Pantry’, they have been delivering essentials at reasonably quick turnaround times despite the current situation. Whether you have already used Amazon, or are planning to use it to order essentials, next time you can consider using the slice No Cost EMI feature. We know money can get tight in such situations, so we hope we’re doing our bit to help ease the financial pressure on you!

We have all at some point during the lockdown experienced a wave of emotions like anxiety, frustration, and irritation. These tend to take a toll on our mental health which in turn can affect other aspects of our lives. In such times, Instagram has been a constant source of entertainment. Watching memes, funny videos, and even insightful videos of how people from around the world are coping with the pandemic has ironically brought us closer to than ever before. Keep sharing those funny Instagram posts with your friends. You never know whose day you’ll make.
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Are there any other apps that have kept you going during the lockdown? Tell us in the comments below!

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