5 last-minute pocket friendly Christmas gifts ideas

Let’s face it, we are all last-minute shoppers! And between all the last minute shopping and the tempting holiday sales, choosing a Christmas gift can take a serious toll on your budget. You are probably swamped with your busy schedules, so you have a ton of things put up on your to-do-list that feel way more urgent than planning a holiday budget. Fortunately, there are some things that you can buy last minute without having to actually break the bank. Here are 5 pocket-friendly holiday gifts that you can buy last minute for your loved ones.

1. Scented candles
Coming home to a soothing scented candle makes everything merrier. Make their day brighter with some beautiful scented candles. They’re not only popular but super helpful in setting your ambience. You get a variety of scent flavours to choose from and the best part? They’re super reasonably priced. Oh! Here’s a bonus, they can later reuse the candle container to their benefit.

2. Photo calendar
Thanks to personalized photo calendars, the value of your Christmas gift just went up a notch. In today’s fast-paced world, nobody has the time to personalize gifts let alone make them so the calendars filled with pictures of you with your loved ones make great gifts that the recipient can cherish all through the year. You can also DIY this, after all, a handmade gift tops it all. Rush to your nearest print shop and place your order.

3. Socks
It’s that time of the year where wearing Christmas themed socks are all the rage. One of the first things that come to mind when you say Christmas is socks and there is no such thing as owning too many pairs of socks. Anyone who receives a pair will be eternally grateful that they have more socks to wear during the cold season.

4. Plants
Yes, this one is for all the plant hoarders out there. We, as humans, have an innate attraction towards plants and with the growing popularity of plants replacing home decor, your loved ones are going to be thrilled to receive plants as gifts. The prices of plants vary but these babies are definitely not going to burn a hole in your pocket.

5. Masks
Okay, it’s no secret that this holiday season might be a little trickier (thanks to the man who ate a bat!) Adhering to our current situation, masks are probably one of the most practical gifts you can give somebody this Christmas. And no, masks don’t come in boring colours and designs anymore. You can customise your masks and select quirky designs from various brands. It’s also pocket friendly- Cha Ching!

With slice, you can use your slice card to shop this festive season. Have a Merry Christmas, and happy shopping! 

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