Apps to keep your finances organized

Earning money is a need but saving your income is a strenuous task. Do you find this relatable? That’s great because we have found some ways you can manage your finances without it burning a hole in your pocket.. Before we start with how to save some bucks we will look at why it’s important to be cautious when spending that hard earned money.

All your biggest goals and aspirations in life are going to cost you some money. You wanna get a degree? You wanna get a piano? You want to take a trip? No matter how big or small your dreams, you need money to make it come true. So, it’s important that you start saving and spending mindfully. And that’s where managing your finances comes to your rescue. Here are 5 apps that will help you manage your finances without any hassle.


This app is easy to use, simple to understand and great for the health of your bank balance. The user interface is great and it’s very convenient to navigate through the app. If you want to start managing your finances, Monefy is a great app to begin with. They have multiple categories to keep track of your expenses and income. You get a calculator that comes up when you enter the expenses. In addition to this there are pie charts that help you understand your financial situation better. There’s a premium feature too that comes with additional benefits, but it won’t be a big deal even if you skip it


As cool as the name is, this app will help you sort all your financial planning woes. Wallet has an outstanding visual experience and makes keeping track of your finances a cakewalk. You can use it for free and it has a premium version too. You’ll be expected to provide the inputs manually in the free version. It also helps you to assemble all your bank accounts at one place, the majority of national and international bank accounts can be connected to Wallet.

On this app you can keep aside funds for your goals and keep a record of your debts. You can also budget your shopping plans so that you don’t overspend.


If you’re a college going student or you have a roommate so it’s possible you all spend money together on some activities. Splitwise makes keeping track of your group expenditures very easy. We all know asking your friends for money is a tricky deal. Sometimes it feels rude or desperate to even mention this. With Splitwise everybody in the group knows who owes how much and timely payments can be made without any hassle. This app is a boon for youngsters who don’t wanna spend a lot of time calculating their expenditure. Enjoy the fun time with your friends and leave the trouble of calculations on the app.

Money Manager

This app is a fun one to use. It’s a great tool for beginners to manage their finances. Its colourful, catchy visuals make budgeting interesting. You can add pictures to your entries and keep all your receipts safe. This one provides you with privacy against third party apps as it doesn’t automatically sync your bank accounts. You get lots of subcategories under expenses and income which makes tracking your spending habits convenient. This app represents your expenditure through pie charts which helps recording your everyday spending habits and its ad free which is a win win for all.

Peeps, we have given you enough information to begin managing your finances. It’s not a difficult road when you have these apps to help you on the journey. It’s important that you know where your money is going and how you can spend it wisely. It will help you in the long run and will give you the financial independence to do whatever you want to. Let us know what your favourite way of organizing money is in the comments below. 

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