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Updates, Updates and Updates! Is what keep anything and everything going. Without update and upgrade things will be there for a while then.. poof! That is why it is very important to update.
So to avoid “poof” we continuously work on update our products and services. Here are things that probably got you to stick to us:

1) The Physical card
This was something that was long-awaited by us and our users. We launched prepaid physical slice card with which our users now can also swipe their slice card at physical stores as well. This became really popular among users quickly. Know more about slice card
slice card

2) slice Passbook
Slice Passbook was another feature that we introduced to help users to keep track of their slice card transactions. You could track each and every transaction that happens with your slice card in real-time, unlike the credit card which doesn’t show your transaction right away.
slice passbook

3) The scratch card
Now every time a user repay they get rewarded with a scratch card by slice. Paying on time builds their credit score, no extra charges are applied, they become a power user and now adding to that they now get a scratch card.

4) The all-new slice app
Those who were there with us from the beginning know about the old app. It had its own fans but again, UPDATES. We changed the whole UI fo the app to make it more user friendly and easy to use.
slice home screen

5) Auto- Debit
Now never be late for repayments. Just add you payment details in the slice app and done. This one step got you to never worry about delayed payment. Know more, here

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