btw, we have a new face!

we have embraced change! slice now has a new look, and with it, we answer the why, how and what it signifies.

to know and understand our logo, here is a little bit about us and our journey. slice started as a credit platform to help millennials get access to credit easily and we did well. so well, that now we are an NBFC and have a physical card that caters to a huge range of audience – college students and professionals alike. we have grown to be a user-focused, secure, premium, luxurious, honest and consistent brand. and we wanted our look and feel to reflect that.

well, there it is. we had good enough reasons to opt for a change. So, what has changed? we haven’t just changed the colours or the logo, we have rebranded our user experience to an altogether new level. After months and months of research and understanding our users in-depth, we have ensured with this change that there is not one single flow where the user needs to think ‘what do I do next?’, and this has been the most driving force for us.

best student credit card

our new logo is redesigned to a simpler, clear cut shape, which will be memorable and unique. the symbol can also be employed as a flexible extension of the slice’s brand. our general philosophy has been ‘buy now, pay later’ and our brand logo signifies just this. you can buy anything you want using slice and pay back in bits later.

we call the colours by our own special names; slice purple and slice orange. let us explain why we chose these colours. purple or violet is a combination of the power, energy and strength of red with the integrity and truth of blue. purple connects with luxury, quality, decadence and wealth – the positioning we’re trying to achieve. Purple is one of the most favourite colours of millennials – our target audience. 

orange, as our accent colour, is maintained from our old branding for brand recall. also, orange is on the opposite side of purple on the colour wheel. combining both (wherein Purple is 80% dominant) will add a slight dab of fun and youthfulness. yes, we have put a lot of thought into this!

slice’s future looks as dynamic as our new logo! our new logo is representative of what we work towards as a brand. having a new logo and rebranding ourselves elevates our company and we will keep moving forward with it.

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