Covid positive? Here’s how you can fight it

It’s safe to say that we now officially live in a mad, mad world. A world that seems chaotic, troubled and wronged. The pandemic has once again resulted in a lockdown across most states with the second wave hitting us in mid-April. But let’s try and find our calm in this chaos.

For the ones who are not affected, you’re doing a good job if you are staying indoors. It’s not easy but there are healthcare workers, frontliners and the police working day and night to get us through the pandemic, once again. So the least we can do is adhere to the lockdown rules and stay home.

If you feel like you have been exposed or have an exposure history since April, get yourself tested. Please take caution and know that this new mutation of the virus appears to be stronger than the previous strain and can stay in your body for more than 15 days. (No, the 7-day isolation doesn’t apply anymore).

Here are some useful tips that can help you and your loved ones manage and recover from #COVID19.

Self-isolate and consult a doctor

It’s natural to panic after you test positive or even see slight symptoms. Try to stay relaxed and isolate yourself completely. From dishes to clothes, make sure you are not sharing it with anyone. Consult a doctor as soon as you see symptoms or test positive. This virus can be fought at home. Not everyone has to be hospitalised if you treat this early. Only indulge in medicines that your doctor has prescribed. Eat well and stay hydrated as this affects your overall recovery.

Follow protocols

Wear a mask, a face shield and some gloves if you absolutely have to interact with someone. Remember, the spread of the virus reduces by 80% or more if YOU are fully covered. Wash your hands regularly. Check your oxygen levels once every 4 hours and your temperature once every 6 hours and keep a diary or list the numbers to track it further. Do the same with anyone affected in the family.

Trust verified information only.

There is a lot of information being exchanged on the news, Whatsapp, Youtube and other social media channels, not all of them are true. Trust only verified sources who genuinely want to help you.

When to seek help?

If you see your oxygen levels drop, practice proning. If it drops drastically, you have difficulty in breathing or notice any other warning signs, get immediate medical attention and do not delay any further. You can reach out to slice on social media and we will post your requirements on our handle and try our best to help you through this.

Stay positive.

We know it’s easier said than done. All the negative media information and whatsapp forwards make it hard for us to stay positive, but like we mentioned earlier, we can fight this virus at home if we treat it early and take precautions. Take good care of yourself and you will get better. If you or your family members have other medical conditions, take extra caution and get treated early.

slice has your back and is here to help. Let our social media page be your voice. We will share any medical or pandemic related requests you may have on our stories to help you reach more people. Tag @sliceit_ along with the hashtag #COVIDemergency and mention your requirement with your city name, area & contact details. Just remember, you are not alone.

Along with this, do not forget to wear masks (the correct way), maintain social distancing and get vaccinated. We’ll be sharing more blogs about how we can get through this. Together, we ourselves will play the weapon that destroys this virus. Stay strong and let’s fight this together.

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