Decoding the slice passbook

The most important feature you need!

We have all tried maintaining a ‘money journal’ at some point in our lives in the hope of keeping tabs on our expenditures. Unfortunately, memory fails and procrastination plays a big role in making this a difficult habit to stick to. At slice, we understand how important it is for you to know how much you have spent and where at the end of the day. To make this easy, intuitive and transparent we have designed a very cool ‘passbook’ feature that can be accessed on your slice app.

slice passbook & what makes it useful

Track Transactions In Real-Time
No more needing to check the bank statement. Know the status and time of your transactions in real-time with no lag on the slice passbook. It’s the simplest and easiest way for you to stay in-the-loop with your budget and expenses.

Transaction History made simpler
You no longer have to flip through diary pages or try to make sense of complex statements. Your transaction history on slice is visually appealing and easy to understand. Know your spending habits better and learn how to manage expenses. You can also refer to previous transactions and get information such as transaction status, time, vendor information, and much more. With the slice passbook, you can stay on top of your payments and become better at managing spends and repayments.

Importance of your slice passbook

Gain insights on spending habits
At the end of the day, we want you to manage your money in the best way possible. The slice passbook makes you better with your spending – by tracking and creating a record of every transaction that takes place on the account. It’s important to be aware of your spending habits and responsible financial spending and timely repayment of dues are the key to an ever-increasing credit limit. 

Improved money management
Manage your monthly spending better with the slice passbook. Find out where you spend the most and identify your priorities. Level-up your money management skills by observing your transactions and identifying how to better utilize it in the future. Improved money management is extremely important to balance your income and expenditure better. Good spending habits lead to a higher credit score and, eventually, a higher slice credit limit.

View bills and refunds
The slice passbook allows you to track your bills and refunds right in the app. Simply log in to the application and track your entire spending history. Here, you’ll be able to view the current status of bills, refunds, pending, failed and successful transactions at all given times.

And finally, make it a habit
If you’re a slice user, we recommend you make it a habit to check your passbook at the end of every day. There is no better way to be fully in sync with your expenses and plan the next day. Checking the passbook on a daily basis will give you all the awareness you need about your spending habits, priorities as well as help you stay on top of repayments to avoid penalties.

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