The one where ‘Friends’ react to referral invites

If slice was around when Friends aired, this is how the gang would react to slice referrals.

1. The one where they learn about Financial freedom

2. The one where they finally get a card that has zero joining or annual fees

3.The one where they ask ‘Why choose slice?

4. The one where your friend gets approved

5.The one where your friends realise how you just changed their lives

6.The one where they discover slice

7. The one where you take your friendship to the next level.

Well, isn’t this just the perfect gift to give your friend? What are you waiting for? Go on, Invite them to the slice app. New users who apply with an invite code have a higher chance of approval. Every approved user gets an invite code which can be used to refer 5 friends and it increases as the invitee gets approved/declined.
Once the invite is sent, the invited friend just needs to apply the invite code and start the application.

If you want to keep track of how many friends you’ve referred, the number of invited users will appear in the “invite friends” section under the profile tab on the app. Don’t worry about running out invites, once you’ve exhausted all your invites, new ones will be added to your account. 

Here’s what you get for referring – We run referral contests very regularly so you might just win some exciting prizes. Look out for more referral contest on our social media accounts!

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