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Okay, so you can pay later with slice, great! How does it all work though? Good question.

Get yourself to ease with the smoothest and shortest onboarding process you’d come across.

First, yep, Sign up! Your phone number is all that’s required. Then, activate your slice card using your College ID and Address Proof. That’s it. Your card will be activated within an hour.

Get a pre-approved credit line.  Once you activate your slice card, you can start using it immediately.

Okay, we know it is question time again in your head – How does the payment cycle work?

This way, please:

  1. You place any number of orders between 1st to the last day of the current month using slice card.
  2. Your bill gets generated on 1st of the next month, Pay it before 5th with the tenure of 1 month and avail the interest-free feature.
  3. No interest is charged on your bill if the tenure is 1 month.
  4. Pay by 5th of the next month. Simple!
  5. Have a larger list of purchase, simply convert all your spends in EMIs and pay month on month.

That’s it. Sounds like a lot? It is similar to how you use your postpaid phone connection. You use it for a month and you pay your bill by the due date!

On that note – your spends are now ‘postpaid’, your happiness, ‘prepaid’! (Both puns were definitely intended)

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