How to Save Big During Sales

This one’s for all the online shoppers out there. To make things easier and more organised at your shopping-land, we’ve brought in some tips and tricks on how to save big during festive sales and make the most out of your shopping spree. Read on to find out.

First, a little prep!

Budgeting is key
First things first, get that budget set and chalk out a list. Everything that you need on priority and everything that’s not really essential needs to be demarcated. Take note of your income and expenses. This will give you a fair idea about your unnecessary expenditure. So, when you have a budget limit set, it means you have control of your money and on your expenditures. Needless to say, thereby helping you save up even among all the glitzy marketing strategies.

Get your creative hat on
It’s 3 words – Do It Yourself. If you’re looking for decorative items or just something to get on with the festive cheer, browse on some DIY ideas. And it’s a given that, a handmade gift, made with love would make a far deeper mark on your friends’ and families’ hearts than any store-bought gift. Among all of this, even mother nature would be immensely thankful to you, because hey, you’re literally recycling something that could otherwise add to trash, reusing materials and as a result reducing the enormous amount of waste that gets generated every day. In hindsight, you’re literally saving a whole lot of money. It’s a win-win-win! 

Save up in advance
It’s obvious that every festive season would make your expenditure shoot up. So, it’s always a good idea to prepare for it beforehand. How? By saving little by little every month, until you hit the festive months. This way you already have some monetary buffer, in case you’re tight on your budget or have someone ended up overshooting it. 

Now that was the prep. When it comes to actually spending online during festive sales, follow the apply these tips, and voila! You’ll make the most out of the festive sales and save big.

Compare the prices
While shopping online it is imperative that you compare prices on the various e-commerce websites. Most likely, the one platform you’re looking at isn’t the only website that’s selling that same product. Other websites might be selling them too and at a better deal. So, it’s wise to compare the prices on these sites before resorting to buying. Various price comparison tools are available online for free, solely for the purpose of comparing prices on various websites. 

Look for wallet and cashback offers
Every year, during the festive online sales, e-commerce platforms offer huge cashback on wallets via online payment gateways. Paytm Mall offers cashback via Paytm wallet, Amazon via Amazon Pay, Flipkart via PhonePe, Snapdeal via FreeCharge, and more. 

The life-saving exchange offers
Gone are the days when exchange only meant getting on OLX. Now e-commerce platforms offer great exchange deals on electronics, especially smartphones. These exchange offers not only help you get rid of unwanted electronics safely but also pays you for them. 

Flash-sales and instant discounts
Festive sales are never complete without the magic of flash sales. Even though getting through flash-sales can be really competitive, they are worth the try. This is when you get the best price for any product. It is always wise to buy newly launched smartphones during these flash sales. But remember, fast checkout is key. Due to the huge demand, it’s necessary that you pre-save your address, payment details, and other necessary information for a quick checkout. 

Hope this helps your festive shopping to sky-rocket with the best deals out there. We’ll be back with more such money wisdom, till then watch this space and happy shopping!

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