How to use your slice virtual card?

If you had a magic wand what would you do?
Learning how to use the wand is the first thing else it will just be as good as anything in your showcase.

Yes yes, I am going somewhere with it. Here it comes:

Your slice card has a lot of benefits like No interest charges, split the bill in low-cost EMIs and pay conveniently etc. But to avail all these you first need to know how to use the card. Here is how: ( or watch the video here)

1) Open slice app and click on the card image.

slice home screen

2) Click on the “eye” icon to get your card number and CVV details.

slice card page

3) Copy the details and add slice card to the app you are shopping on.

add slice card

4) Proceed to payment and enter OTP that you will get on your registered number.

That is all. You have made a purchase successfully. When you know how to use it, a magic wand can do wonders. 

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