Introducing slice invites!

What is slice invites?

We are proud to announce that slice is now an invite-only platform. Which means, that the only way new users can onboard slice and be a part of our exclusive community is by using the invite-code of the existing approved users. 

What’s more, the chances of approval using slice invites are definitely quite high! 

Introducing slice invites!

How to use slice invites? 

Well, its easy peasy! An approved slice user can access the invite code in his/her app. And share it with their friends. 

Similarly, if someone wants to onboard slice, they can ask help from their slice buddies. 

Introducing slice invites!

How many friends can an approved slice user help? 

Every approved slice user gets 3 invites which can be used to invite their friends. So, make sure you use your slice invites very carefully.

Introducing slice invites!

Where can an approved slice user access slice invites? 

  • Head to the “invite friends” section under profile and invite friends via sharing the code on WhatsApp.
  • Once the invite is sent, the invited friend just needs to add invite code and start the application.
  • The number of invited users will appear in the “invite friends” section under the profile tab on the app.
Introducing slice invites!

Why should a slice user share their exclusive invites/Why should a non-slice user reach out to slice users for help?

Only a friend can help their other friend in need to be an approved slice member. Every friend has a limited number of invites hence, it is important for each inviter to pick their invitee wisely. 

Introducing slice invites!

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