slice after graduation

Are you about to graduate or have already graduated? Are you worried that you might not be able to continue using slice? Don’t worry, you don’t really have to say goodbye to slice. You can continue using slice even after you have graduated – we know that college ends, but freedom stays forever!

Previously, students who were approaching the end of their college education were constrained by their expected graduation date when it came to selecting a repayment tenure. Not anymore!

As a loyal user of slice who’s nearing course completion date, we are delighted to inform you that you can continue to use slice with the same benefits as is. To make things easier for millennials graduating into the professional world and ensure they are empowered with secure credit, slice now offers extended services.

You can extend your slice services if you are an approved user on slice and are about to graduate or have already graduated. If you haven’t already been approved for continuing your usage of slice, you don’t have to worry. Below is the list of details required according to your current status, that you can submit to extend your validity.

You need to raise a request for an extension by submitting the corresponding documents depending on your current status to the respective email address under the channel.

If you can submit your salary slip as the primary document while registering for the extension of slice services, there is a good chance that your credit limit will get upgraded.

However, eligible doesn’t mean that your application will get approved. There is a chance that your application is not considered for an increase in credit limit or for validity extension. But this doesn’t in any way affect your current limit and validity.

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