We are now called ‘slice’

we are a new-age startup aiming to build a smart, simple, and transparent financial platform for youngsters. our pursuit – to redesign financial experience for millennials continues to evolve. to keep up with this mission and to create a unique identity, today we are happy to announce our new name – slice

since our inception, we wanted to serve one community and that is the millennials; a community that is most talked about but the least understood. we learned a lot about our customers over the past four years, and from that, we hold a firm belief that we know our customers better. while change is not always easy, our rebranding is based on the interactions with our customers, who wanted simplicity and style, and we also count on the support of many of them throughout the process of building our products. 

it’s not just a new name – it’s another step towards the mission that slice started in 2016 when we first launched our app where our customers can get access to credit service online. the youngsters today are the ones who will make all the difference tomorrow. thus growing with the new generation is what we dream about and all that we want. we believe that personalization combined with an extreme focus on superior services is the key to building long-lasting relations with the youngsters. their demand for financial services is growing, but they want and need very different things from what has been traditionally offered in the past. 

our flagship product, slice card, is just the first in a series of products that we are developing as our step towards our mission. it’s a Rupay card with a pre-approved credit line. it can be used to make payments over 5 million merchants both online and offline. further, we are looking to add exclusive offers from premium brands and provide more personalized and superior customer service. we knew that offering a card wouldn’t be enough, after all, a true redesigning only make sense if it touches every inch of your financial life. in the future, we believe our customers would want us to simplify their other financial needs and we will be looking to enhance their overall banking experience. our new name slice helps us be versatile when our customers’ needs become diverse.

lastly, slice being a one-syllable word is easier to pronounce and a well-designed wordmark provides a lasting imprint at a subconscious level. it also aids in creating extraordinary designs that help us in enhancing our customer experience and making us more accessible and useful to them. we believe the change will allow us to present ourselves as a truly innovative, new age and millennial-friendly product. as we move forward on this journey of redesigning financial experience, we will continue to deliver simplicity and delight to our customers. 

TLDR; we changed our name from SlicePay to slice

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