Look into the mirror and say STOP

Ever heard of this phrase “What’s the rush?”  I am sure you did. But were you able to answer this question? Why is everyone racing to be “successful”? What does success even mean? The term success is so subjective. It should be different for each person. But is it really? Everyone is racing to be in a top college. Want to earn good enough (no one knows what is good enough). Want to get married at a certain age, have kids and so on. We live in this society and I know we have to walk with our community, But that does not mean we can’t live just for ourselves sometimes. Well, This lockdown has given you the opportunity to relax, and think about just yourself.

Meet the other side of yourself:

Did you know that 10% of your brain is the conscious mind and 40-50% is subconscious? Most of the times we do what we do because of what we fed our subconscious with over the years. Now this lockdown has completely disoriented our routine and we have to prepare for a new one. This is an opportunity to add new things to your routine and feed your subconscious all over again with more things, things that you would love to do.

Your routine probably was- Wake up, exercise, go to work, come back, cook, sleep. repeat.

It now can be– Wake up, exercise, cook breakfast, play the guitar kept in the closet, work, read a book, learn a new skill (say singing), cook dinner, sleep. Repeat.

This may not look like too much of a difference but the results with just a simple change can be satisfying. You may feel more happy and alive.

This will help you improve your productivity, Time management, and most importantly it will keep your mind fresh and away from negative thoughts cause times like these can drown you mentally.

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