Lost your credit card? Here’s what you need to do

You just got back home with those super expensive pairs of kicks that you’ve been eyeing for months, thanks to the exclusive discount you got on your credit card. You put them on one more time, FaceTime your friends to flaunt it, and finally open your wallet to thank your credit card for the great deal it got you.

And at that moment you lose the joy on your face, your credit card is missing, but don’t worry, here are some steps that’ll help you get through this loss and it’s easier than you think.

Check transactions
Go through your transaction history and find the shop you last swiped your card at. Try reaching out to that store immediately. Most cashiers at renowned shops keep their customer’s cards safely with them for a certain number of days, after which they cut the card and dispose of it. There is a probability you’ll get your card back if you reach out to them on time.

Get in touch with your service provider.

In case the shop does not have your card, consider it definitely lost and reach out to your service provider faster than the speed of light, yes, nothing lesser than that in this case. Inform the bank or the financial institution that issued your card have it blocked immediately. This will prevent any misuse of your credit card. Once your card has been blocked, you can apply for a duplicate card and start using it in a week or two depending on the speed of your service provider.

Inform the police
We know Singham taught us that the police only fight the bad guys in flying cars, but guess what? They do other simpler things too; like registering an FIR! Yes, that is what you need to do next. File an FIR in the nearest police station. If a criminal tries to misuse your card, you can avoid any trouble coming your way and this will also be proof of your loss when you apply for a duplicate credit card.

Keep checking your inbox frequently

Remember the text message and mail you instantly get after swiping your credit card that you conveniently ignore and continue to post a snap on your story of your most recent purchase? It’s time, you pay attention and keep a close eye on your inbox. If somebody makes a transaction through your card, you can raise a complaint right away by contacting your service provider and they will look into it by tracking the geographical area of the transaction and get the card blocked immediately.

Talk to your credit bureau

Turns out all the steps you read above aren’t enough when you lose your credit card. Your credit bureau is important and you need to keep them informed. They will issue a fraud alert on your card. This helps you protect your credit score in case a fraud tries to use your card to fulfil their desires illegitimately. A good credit score can really help you with getting loans and better insurance limits in future. So, make sure you follow this step seriously.

And once you are done with all these steps, you are good to restart and make sure you are careful the next time. Always remember to recheck your wallet after any purchase. Your credit card is your genie, it will help you get your favourite handbags and that home loan. So, be more mindful and your service provider will ‘credit’ great deals for you hopefully when you need them.

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