New slice card: upgrade your card

What’s the new slice card?

In June 2019, we launched the first slice physical card. We got to know that it’s the first credit card experience for most of our users which makes us feel excited. However, the more we interacted with our customers, the more we felt that we need to improve the card experience. After all, we aim to redesign the financial experience of youngsters. So today we are very happy to show you the new slice card. 

We have released it to all the customers’ who are holding the first version of slice physical card. Now, you can simply upgrade your card via the slice app. In order to provide a better upgrading experience, we decided the upgrade will be totally free. Yes, just a click in the app and typing in your address, we will send you a new slice card without charging any fees. 

New slice card is not just a new design

We mean it when we say it. We learned a lot about how our customers have used the slice card, and from that data, our engineering, design, and business teams worked together to build new features that would further enhance the card experience. Don’t doubt about it, we have a “card-tribe” inside the company, the tribe members are all dedicated to building the slice card, the future of the new financial experience. 

What are these new benefits?

  1. Unlock your virtual card 

It has the same number, expiration date, and CVV as your physical card. Every customer who upgrades the physical card can now unlock the virtual card through the app. This is a more convenient payment option for those who shop online. 

What are the advantages? 

  • The virtual card can be unlocked immediately after you get approved. (no need to wait for the physical card to arrive!)
  • It will be generated in the app without any paperwork
  • You can use it on websites and apps for frequent payments without having to add a payment method every time

How to activate?

  1. Home screen 
  2. Your virtual card will be generated and information will appear on the screen such as card number, cardholder name, expiration date and security code (CVV)

2. Enjoy the full credit limit

For those who have a credit limit of more than 10K, you can now enjoy the full credit limit for your card usage. We always received the question from customers like “I have a credit limit of 50K, I want to use it all for my card transactions, what should I do?” Now, your card limit would be automatically matched with your full credit limit by booking the new slice card. 

3. The better transaction success rate

We truly understand that it feels frustrating when your card transaction is declined. Our engineering and product teams have worked on enhancing the infrastructure. The transaction success rate has been increased compared to the first version slice card. 

What will happen to my existing slice card?

Once you upgrade the card in the app, we will arrange the printing and shipment. To ensure a secure and seamless experience, you would be able to activate both your virtual card and the physical card when you receive your new slice card. Your existing card would be automatically deactivated. 

What if I don’t upgrade my card?

The existing card would stop working post 29th February 2020. We strongly suggest that you upgrade the card and get access to the new benefits.

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