Repay and win a Scratch Card!

Surprise, surprise! 🎁
Repayment cycle is just around the corner and hence, we thought of spicing things up a little.
To be honest, we were quite bored with the traditional repayment experience. It has always been one-way because you repay your dues and it ends there itself. There is hardly any fun part to it!
Let’s have it the other way round now!

Imagine, you repay and we re-repay you?

Imagine amount being credited into your account after being debited!

Imagine, rejoicing after repaying your dues!

Yes, you got it right. We are offering you a SCRATCH CARD!!

Now earn a scratch card for every successful timely repayment and get a guaranteed cashback up to 100%.
Don’t believe us? Try for yourself and experience the new era of repayment!!

Update your app now to avail this feature! Update here!

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