Scratch card alert: Win upto 1.5% cashback on every slice transaction now!

Digital payment is all about convenience. Everything you want is either a click or a swipe away. But what makes it even more rewarding…are the cashbacks. There’s very little that compares to the rush of winning on a scratch card. I mean who doesn’t love shopping for their favourite products and getting back a little extra!

The only thing that comes in the way are these four dreaded words – “Better Luck Next Time”. What a buzz kill! But we have got that sorted.

At slice, we don’t believe in “better luck next time” or “try again later”. With us, you can be assured that with every scratch card you WILL get a guaranteed cashback. No hidden terms & conditions and no false promises.

Don’t believe us? Continue reading to know exactly how you can have the most rewarding shopping experience ever with slice.

How do I get cashback on slice?

At slice, we reward every single transaction you make. Whether it is shopping on your favorite e-commerce site, swiping your card at a petrol bunk or even repaying your monthly dues – you never stop winning! 

  • For every transaction you make using your slice Visa card, you win a scratch card which is available on your app. 
  • On every scratch card, you get a guaranteed cashback ranging from 0.5% to 1.5% of the transaction amount every single time. Yes, that’s right. Every. Single. Time. 
  • The reward could even amount up to 100% of your transaction
  • All the cashback you win reflects in your account as ‘slice cash’, which can be used to make repayments indefinitely.

How often can I get cashback?

With our scratch card feature, every time you make a payment using your slice card, you get a scratch card with assured cashback. This applies to all kinds of transactions – whether it is shopping online or swiping your slice Visa card offline at a store. In addition to this, slice also gives you a scratch card every time you repay on time. So all you have to do is repay your due amount before the due date and the cashback is all yours!

Is there a minimum transaction amount to get cashback?

The answer is NO. Every transaction wins! There is no minimum transaction amount required to win a scratch card and, subsequently, cashback on slice.

Are there specific shopping portals or merchants where I get cashbacks?

That’s what makes slice so unique. With the slice Visa card, your cashback doesn’t depend on the type of transaction, the item purchased or the merchant whom you purchased it from. You win cashbacks everywhere – all you have to do is use your slice Visa card. You can make a payment online or purchase something physically at a store, you will receive a scratch with assured cashback in your slice account.

Where can I see my cashbacks?

All the cashback you win will be available to you as ‘slice cash’ on your slice app. You can use it to make your monthly repayments indefinitely.

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