what is slice credit?

Hi, we are slice. We are a credit platform that empowers millennials to take financial decisions on their terms. What do you need? Small credit? Low-costEMI, EMI without a credit card? We have got it all, actually, something better than a credit card.

slice card is your privileged gateway to financial freedom. You get to upgrade your lifestyle to own things and splurge on experiences that matter to you and simultaneously enjoy the freedom to pay later. Go shopping, pay bills, book cabs, watch a movie – Shop now, pay later in EMIs, for FREE!

Once signed up, a customer gets up to Rs. 60,000 credit to spend on their terms. Have a hobby to chase? A new MacBook to learn to code on? Or a painting kit you’ve been wanting since a while? With the credit amount, a customer can shop on 1000+ online merchants at no cost EMI and most of all – transfer cash instantly to their bank account or Paytm wallet in a few taps. All of these spends can be paid later – all in one go interest-free or be converted into low-cost EMIs.

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Products and Services

To accomplish our goal of ensuring the best experience with finance, we have our core offerings integrated into the app itself. For millennials, early access and exposure to credit not only improves their future financial aspects but also goes a long way in increasing the financial inclusiveness of our country at large.

An estimated 480 million youngsters will fall in the 15-35 age group in India by 2025 – and our vision is to build a product that serves the unmet financial needs of this extremely important segment of the population.

The slice card

Slicepay credit cardOnce a customer signs up and applies for slice credit, a slice card is assigned to them in a couple of hours. The virtual card has a 16 digit unique number with a CVV and expiry, similar to any transactional card. The card can be used to facilitate any form of purchase on the internet. We already have 1000+ merchants including some of the most revered brands like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Zomato, Swiggy, Paytm etc. 

A physical version of the same slice card is also dispatched to the customer which can be used as a debit/credit card on merchants with a facility to accept cards. You can use it to buy now and pay later, offline too!

Bank Transfer

We understand not all transactions are online, especially in the Indian demographic. We Indians love cash and a lot of our day to day transactions are accelerated by it. At slice, we understand this and hence we have a unique product feature wherein users can simply transfer slice credit in the form of cash to their bank accounts.

This can be withdrawn, used via their existing bank merchant, sent to another account – as the user deems it fit to use.

How to transfer?

Low-cost EMIs, and EMI without a credit card

slice provides EMI for everyone. Card transactions are at No extra cost for up to 1 month. That is, no interest is levied if repayment is made by the due date. All of the month’s transactions can be seen in the app interface. Users get an option to choose if they wish to convert a particular expense into low-cost EMIs. Top brands like Amazon, Flipkart, BookMyShow are available on slice on which you can avail No Cost EMI for up to 4 months. That is, EMI without a credit card. More on this

Get approved, Get up to 60,000 credit limit

How the slice card works?


Okay, so you can pay later with slice, great! How does it all work though? We have one of the smoothest and shortest onboarding processes an everyday user would come across.

sign up to get the creditThe sign up only requires a phone number to begin. The card can be activated from within the app using your College ID and Address Proof and it is activated within an hour. You can get up to Rs. 60,000 credit limit.  You can start the slice card immediately once activated.


This is how the entire billing cycle works.

  1. You place any number of orders between 1st of the current month to the last date of the current month using slice card.
  2. Your bill gets generated on 1st of the next month, covert in EMIs before 5th of the same month with the available EMI tenures.
  3. Or simply pay it all in one go – at no extra charges.
  4. Have a larger list of purchase? Simply convert all your spends in EMIs and pay month after month.

emi for students availableIf this sounds like a lot, here is a similar analogy to make it simpler.  It is how you use your postpaid phone connection. You can make calls, SMS, data recharges etc. through the month and you pay your bill by the due date! Also, since a larger bill can be sliced into parts, it also serves as EMI for students and young professional.

One of the reasons why we reiterate – “Your spends are now ‘postpaid’, your happiness, ‘prepaid’!” pretty often.

Who can use this Credit and where?

From a college student to salaried professionals – everyone is free to use the card and slice credit and enjoy the freedom to buy now pay later. We are in the process to expand our services to a larger demographic but that will come later.

  1. Online shopping
  2. Transfer cash to the bank account, withdraw it and use it as you please.
  3. Pay your tuition fee.
  4. Buy a MacBook
  5. Get the latest phone
  6. Travel
  7. This list is endless.

Your slice card can also top up your bank account and Paytm. In need of cash? Transfer money to your bank account and use it at your convenience. See a great discount on Paytm? Top up the wallet in few taps. Take the slice journey and turn your College ID and Aadhar into a ‘wallet’ in under 2 hours.

credit card vs. slice card

 Some of the benefits that make us stand out-

  1. There is a large amount of paperwork involved with traditional financial institutions when giving out a credit card. slice grants immediate access to credit with just a document or two.
  2. High-interest rates and lack of flexible EMI for students. Our interest rates are low and our customers get complete freedom when choosing their EMI tenures.
  3. Credit card and the slicepay cardInterest-free EMI options. Not only do we have long-term EMI solutions with low interests, but we also offer the option to shop in 4 interest-free EMIs thereby ensuring students have complete freedom on their finances and use credit to empower for their needs, not see it with scepticism. It is like an interest-free credit card.
  4. Cash transfers are not allowed and cash withdrawals come with really high-interest rates on credit card. slice offers instant cash transfers to the bank with the same benefits as all our other services.

Not only this, our interns are colleges students themselves who take care of marketing, operations and assist customers with onboarding, resolve their issues and ensure they are delighted every time they choose us.

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Offers and Discounts on slice

We run various offers and discounts – just like our product and services, our contests are student-centric too. Here are some of the ongoing promotions and yes, they never stop. A student credit card doesn’t have the benefits that come with credit cards for employed professionals.


50% OFF on movie tickets. slice card on BookMyShow gets 50%all about the slice card off on ticket purchases. This isn’t just restricted to one order but is a recurring offer month on month. We love it when a customer watches movies before hearing spoilers from everyone else. Learn more!

No Cost EMIs, EMI without a credit cardemi for students - slicepay credit card

With EMI for students, you get to enjoy the freedom to pay later at no interest! Shop on Amazon, Flipkart, and Myntra and get No Cost EMI options over 4 months. Just order your favourite products, choose the EMI tenure of 4 months and pay back over 4 no cost EMIs.

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