slice- credibility and a little push for your future

How can slice help me with my future?

One word. Credibility.

As you should soon realise, stepping out into the professional world is a big step. A stark contrast as compared to the comparatively carefree college life.

When you go out looking for a job, your credibility depends upon your degree, education, grades, achievements and experience (Looking for some? We can help you out here too!)

But if you plan to study further, get a house, marry (Yeah, we know what your mom’s pestering you about!) or move to a new city, you’re going to need some starting capital. You could of course go to “Pappa” and ask for a helping hand, or you might choose to be a little more independent and go looking for financing.

What is financing?

It’s basically money that someone loans you with the trust that you will pay them back. The ‘trust’ bit is the reason why this money is often called “Credit”, because it’s based on your credibility.

With more credibility (calculated as a credit score), you can get more money on credit (loans, financing etc.) with lesser interest. Which means when you actually return the money you have borrowed, you will have to pay a lot lesser to the lender because you aren’t as big a risk to them. Because you are credible.

So the next obvious question is: How to be Credible?

Why, by using credit of course! To start being credible, you need to first take up some sort of financing and prove that you are a diligent and responsible person by making timely repayments. In the process, you will also realise that using credit is a much smarter and efficient way of managing your expenses.

So basically, not only are you familiarising yourself with the credit system, you are also making fewer compromises, waiting lesser for what you want or need and learning how to manage money more efficiently but also building up your credibility, so life becomes much much easier for you in the near future.

So slice can give me credibility?

YES! By using slice for all your purchases, you are essentially building yourself a Credit Score, taking your credibility to the next level. Since students usually find it hard to get credit, slice is designed especially keeping students and their needs in mind. This means that when you walk out of your college and into the professional world, you are one step ahead of the rest.

While everyone else is just about to start building their credibility and are still using “Pappa’s” money, you are already an independent, responsible and credit aware, backed by a solid credit score. It is this little push in life that can give you the advantage to realise what millions only dream about.

So join the credible student community by signing up on slice 🙂

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