introducing the slice card membership

What is the slice card?

slice card is a RuPay-powered card that you can simply use for both online and offline payments. It is a unique product launched by slice, a new age financial company that was born to provide the best financial services to India’s millennials.

The slice card is free. There are no upfront costs, no annual charges or hidden fees.

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Through the slice app, you can have complete control on your card – check your expense, ask for an increase in credit limit, check your repayment schedule, and if needed, you can directly get in touch with our customer service team.

Benefits of slice card membership

slice doesn’t have an annual fee or any other hidden fees for its customers and still offers a simple and transparent way to make your daily payments. Through the slice app, you will have control over your financial life, right at your fingertips. The app is one of the many advantages that slice offers:

1)   Get easy access to the card details after becoming a slice card member, ideal for online and offline shopping.

  •  You can use it on your favourite online merchants- food delivery apps like Swiggy and Zomato, e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart or transportation apps like Uber, and OTT platforms like Hotstar, etc or any other offline vendor outlets.

2)   Flexible repayment plans

  •  Payback next month without extra cost: those who prefer to pay for everything in one go just need to pay the bill through our app in a super simple way. The bill will be generated on the 1st of every month. 
  • Split it into EMIs: Many of our customers come to us wanting to pay in EMIs – either to release the credit limit consumed or just to have the peace of mind of not having the pocket money compromised for many months ahead. The option to slicing the bill will appear in the repayment details from 1st-5th every month. You can choose the tenures you want to slice it into and that’s it

3)   Enjoy the slice no cost EMI program. learn more.

4)   Get emergency loans in your bank account or e-wallet like Paytm. learn more.

How to get a slice card?

To request a slice card, simply fill out the application form through our app. You can ask for a referral code from a friend who already owns a slice card as this can be a differentiating factor during your profile analysis.

After application, just wait! We do profile analysis of all our customers and understand how, at that moment, it fits into our ability to provide you with our top-notch services.

How does slice card analysis work?

Our goal is to improve our ability to serve – but to ensure good customer experience, we approve a limited number of customers each week. We review each application via our credit analysis model post which your account gets either:

  •         Approved OR
  •         Goes into a waitlist where we review your profile timely

Getting added to the waitlist means that at this point in time, by the criteria used in our analysis models, we cannot offer you a slice card, just yet! But this might change soon enough. We are always testing new customer profiles, adding new information to our databases and calibrating our models. In addition, we understand that people’s habits change – as well as our criteria and ability to serve you better.

Being in the waitlist does not mean that you have an issue to your name. It just means that our database was not able to access your profile based on our parameters at this time – or we do not have enough information to evaluate your request.

One way to help us know more about your profile is by applying for our Access Plan. You will go through a minimal credit analysis. Getting approved for the Access Plan doesn’t mean that you will be approved for the slice card, but it can help us understand more about your profile.

Our Services

slice was born out of our goal to provide the best financial experience to the young generation of India. Around here, we understand that the last thing the customer wants is the need to get in touch to solve a problem. That’s why we ensure that the customer experience is the best we can provide – whether it’s through chat, email, social networking or telephone.

Our customer service team is a central part of slice. They are our points of contact with our customers and their mission is to pass on the feedback that helps our engineers and designers to create even better products.

For us, the biggest recognition is the one that comes from our customers. We would not be anything without you.

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