Things To Do (and Not Do) Once The Lockdown Ends

If there’s one thing the lockdown has done, it has sent us all into a nostalgic mood reminiscing of all the things we loved doing before the lockdown began. Most of you have probably already drawn up plans of everything that you’re going to do once life returns to normal. So we thought we’d add a few important Do’s and Dont’s to your list, in case you missed them out!

The DOs

Keep practicing good hygiene!

We are frankly worried that it took a global pandemic to teach people the importance of washing their hands regularly. But here we are. Even after things seem to be getting back to normal, please continue to follow the thorough method of hand-washing as prescribed by the WHO. It’s a great way to prevent yourself from getting infected, and quite honestly, it’s just basic hygiene you should always follow.

Keep Pursuing Your New Hobbies!

We’ve all heard stories of how the lockdown has inspired people to take up hobbies or learn new skills. And we’re inclined to believe that you have also started reading books, cooking, singing, dancing, making TikTok videos, or doing something else that you have always wanted to do. We urge you to keep pursuing activities that you are passionate about! They are an important part of a daily routine and contribute greatly to your overall mental well-being. 

Keep Checking-in on Your Loved Ones!

The lockdown has also reiterated the important role that friends and family play in our lives. The quarantine has brought us together, with some people moving back home to stay with their families, or at the least checking-in on them regularly. We’re certain that you’ve been talking to your friends more than ever before, and ranting about how stressful things have sometimes been. Believe us, we’ve all been there. However, it shouldn’t take a pandemic to remind us to look out for our loved ones. Even once things eventually get better, reach out to your friends and family frequently to check-in on their well-being and safety!’

The DON’Ts

Don’t Plan Vacations

As tempting as it may be to unlock your wanderlust once again, please hold off on planning any vacations in the immediate future. The true nature of the Coronavirus and our ability to eliminate it has not been completely assessed. Non-essential travel will continue to be discouraged, and this includes vacations!

Don’t Go to Crowded Places

Coming together in large numbers for events or social gatherings might not be banned once the lockdown is lifted, but it will very much remain  a dangerous activity. As mentioned before, the uncertainty around the spread of the virus will take time to clear up. So, for the foreseeable future, please avoid putting yourself in a situation where you are surrounded by too many people!

Don’t Stop Using Face Masks

Given the airborne nature of the coronavirus, face masks have played an important role in preventing individuals from getting infected. Please continue to use face masks when you step outside, to ensure that you reduce your exposure to infection, dust, and other pollutants that can cause harm. 

We are living in unprecedented times, which call for unprecedented measures. For the time being, we hope you continue to stay safe, happy, and healthy while following all the directives on social distancing.

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