Visa, slice and everything nice!

As a startup, we have always been a bunch of risk-takers and high-aimers. So, when finally, after months of back and forth, we struck a partnership with the globally acclaimed brand VISA, our joy and pride knew no bounds. Among the many baby steps, this was a huge leap towards our goal of becoming the most preferred financial solution for the young generation.

So, first things first, the brand new slice visa card is the most amazing card that you can get, free of cost! Use it at over 4.8 million merchants in India to shop your heart out–both online and offline.

Besides having clear access to all the benefits of the slice visa card, upon booking, you not only get a slick and uber cool physical card sent home but also a virtual card in the slice app itself to help you start shopping even before you have your slice visa card in hand.

The next best thing?

This brand new card is oozing with offers, perks and even more fun!

Tap and pay feature: Now, you can literally just tap your card and make all your payments in a contactless way. To make things even better, the brand new slice visa card strives to makes your payments even more secure than it ever was. 

NFC feature: Not only does the slice visa card come with all of these cool things that we just spoke about but, with the NFC feature you will no longer have to enter your pin for transactions below ₹2000. All you need to do is tap your card and enjoy a contactless and secure payment for all your offline extravaganza.

Passbook: Keeping in mind the ever-emerging needs of young India, the slice visa card also offers an extremely simple and transparent way of tracking all your spendings, real-time. You can simply head to the app and check all your spends or get insights on your spending habits at one place. Remember, having a good spending habit is the gateway to an ever-increasing credit limit!

Access to other slice products: You must be thinking, that’s all that the super cool slice visa card will get you. Well, get ready to be proved wrong, because along with tonnes of offers, benefits and perks, slice offers mind-boggling no-cost EMI vouchers to shop at top brands, the convenience of instant bank transfers, wallet recharges, and so much more. The list is literally endless! 

We’re sure now you know why the rush. Well, this is the most amazing slice card till-date. So, if you don’t want to miss out on this mind-blowing deal, head to the slice app to book your slice visa card today!

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