What’s your money personality?

Everybody spends money but have you noticed that we all approach it differently? We possess unique characteristics that contribute to defining our personality type. But if we ask you, what your money personality is? It might take you a minute to place yourself. 

Yes, your spending habits decide what your money personality is and we’re here to tell you all about it so you can figure out where you stand and share this interesting concept with your friends as well.

The Money Saver 

You are that friend who always discourages your peers to take a cab and convince them to use public transport instead. You my friend, are a saver. You watch over every penny you  spend. For you, simply ordering food online even thrice a month is overspending and this is what makes you not just smart but healthy too. 

You’ll find yourself in malls when the season sale starts and of course choose street food over a fancy restaurant any day. You make sure to never borrow money and keep your finances in check. 

Born to be an Investor

You know how to save as well as spend your hard-earned money in the smartest way possible. You are always looking for ways to expand your wealth and make calculated investment decisions. Investors think about their coming days and never give in to momentary temptations. You know all about the stock market and land rates in the city suburbs. For you, smart investment means a secure future and you’re always planning for the long term.

Zero control Spender

Extravagant. That’s the attitude of people who belong to this category when it comes to spending.Yes you! You like to go big or go home. You’re always buying the most premium items. You have a high chance of owning clothes that would never last to see another wear after one use. While some of us can’t even afford a Netflix subscription, you seem to have it all, from Spotify to Apple Music. You seldom care about investments or savings and live in the present. 

Impulsive Shopper

No doubt that you love to shop. When people say retail therapy, you know theyre talking about your go-to pastime. Shoppers have a tendency to buy whatever they like even if that means waiting for a sale or creating new accounts to get that extra 20% off on their favourite products.

You like to buy clothes for your ‘future’ vacations, and often find it satisfying to return home with shopping bags. Let’s not forget about the pile of packages waiting at your doorstep that you so enjoy to unbox. 

A Spendthrift

Your earnings are usually spent way before your funds hit your bank. You stand by the motto ‘I want it and I want it now’ and not think enough before you end up buying a double door refrigerator and a fully automatic washing machine together with a credit card and not think about how you’re going to be able to repay the amount on time.  You don’t plan your expenses and don’t think much about spending.

Important tips for your money personality type.

If you’re a saver, it’s okay to treat yourself a little bit, every once in a while, don’t be so hard on yourself. 

If you’re a big spender, it’s time you learn about moderation, sell off those unnecessary things on eBay and buy only what you need.

If you’re an impulsive shopper, you need to tone down your shopping urges. Maybe you don’t need those sunglasses right now. 

If you’re an investor, please drop in a few tips and tricks for the rest of us.

If you’re a debtor, start using the money cautiously, clear your debts and get on to the good things in life! Cheers!

These were the five important money personality types. And it’s completely okay if you found yourself as a mixture of two different money personalities. People can change their money spending habits depending on the situation. So you may prefer a metro over a cab but there’s a chance you will choose a fancy restaurant over street food. So, what is your money personality? Let us know in the comments below

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