Here is why you should take the slice experience

Ah! This is a tough one to answer but we will try to answer this is in as neutral language as possible in a hope that you develop a bias for us!

slice is inclusive of millennials like you. You have a passion to chase and a zest to make it big and we love being a part of that journey. You also get an early start to balance your finances and dedicate expenses in one place where you can manage, payback and split as per your convenience. Upgrade lifestyle, learn a new programming language, go scuba diving, take that Zumba class – with slice, you not only shop for what you need, you can also transfer cash suit your expenses and splurge on experiences that make your living a breeze.

We integrated an extremely easy onboarding process as a lot of unnecessary documentation is avoided. We don’t expect millennials to submit salary slips while they are, well, studying. Your college ID and Aadhar card do just fine!

This navigates us to question time – What happens when college ends? Well, not your slice journey for sure. Regular users get the benefit of lifetime access to slice irrespective of the end of their college duration.

No more compromises on your time, no more compromises on things that matter!

Start with Slice!

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