Why is social distancing important?

Alright, So the worst has happened. This is probably a generation-defining event that we will be telling the kids. But let’s talk about what we should do and should not do while we are going through this. I mean, To tell the story tomorrow, take steps today.

Everyone knows what COVID-19 is and what can be its effects if not taken very very seriously. Do we need to panic? Not at all. But at the same time, we need to be aware and be responsible. We need to take measures, like wear a mask, wash your hands, maintain cleanliness, know the symptoms and only then decide to whether or not go to the hospital (since it is a major source of spread), and  SOCIAL DISTANCING.

Why is it written in upper caps you ask? Well, Because it is the most effective way to contain the virus. Social distancing can reduce the spread of the virus to a major extent. China is a good example of social distancing. The number of cases there dropped drastically after the lockdown. Even the study done by ICMR shows social distancing stops the spread by 62%, that is immensely effective. Source

China, as soon as the cases rose to 560 in Wuhan, lockdown the city (on 23rd January) and then a few other cities later on since the cases were still rising. The effects of lockdown took some time to show. Even after the lockdown, the number of cases rose to 74185, as of 19th February, but lockdown for sure turned the table around and the total cases went up to only 81340 as of now.

This is a result of stimulation that Washington post made to show the importance of social distancing. Check out the stimulation here

Blue- healthy people
Brown- sick
Pink- Recovered
Source: Washington Post

This is the reason why social distancing is very important for our country which is densely populated like China, and the mortality rate of Covid-19 may just be 1-2% but if the number of positive cases is huge then the result would be very disturbing and unfortunate.

It is a critical time to maintain social distance to protect yourself, and people around you. So, stay at home, stay healthy, take care of the elderly. And pay your bills on time to keep to your credit score intact, reduce your spending and save money as this a crucial time that we are living in.

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