Why refer friends to slice

If you’ve been using slice, you already know how it has redesigned your financial experience. From no hidden charges, zero joining fee to rewards on every transaction, slice is introducing India’s youngsters to a new way of banking. Ever wondered how much your friends could benefit from having slice in their life? Well, it’s time to go beyond just sharing Chai and happy hours with them.. take your friendship to the next level and introduce your friends to the amazing world of slice — your one stop destination to smart financing.

Why your friends will love slice!

The swankiest card in town
We recently launched the brand new slice visa card and it is hands down the best card your friends will get their hands on. Oh! And it is completely free. The card’s material comes with a sprinkle of violet stardust. The name and numbers are engraved with a metallic material to make them shine (yes, also to brighten your life!). Did we mention the virtual card? Yup, along with our sleek and stylish card you also have access to the awesome virtual card on the app. You name it and we have it!

Genuinely high chances of approval
Waiting for approval can be overwhelming — almost like that time when you were waiting for your board exam results! And it could be a lot worse for people like us who don’t have a credit history. Nobody likes being waitlisted and usually the approval period can be anywhere between 3 weeks to 6 months. However, referring your friends to slice brings them a few steps closer to being approved. Go on, save them the trouble!

Winning offers
We cannot keep calm about this one! The new slice Visa card in itself has some fascinating features and is filled with offers, perks and rewards! Read more about it here.
When you refer your friends, you also have some good things coming your way. You didn’t think we would leave you with nothing, now did you? You can now refer friends and win incredible prizes. The referral contest winners in the past have got some massive goodies like —
– 1st prize: One plus Nord
– 2nd Prize – One plus earphones
– 3rd Prize – MI watch

Easy bill payments
Speaking of awesome things, we also have an EMI option to help you pay off your bills. Unable to pay your card bill all at once? We’ve got your back. You can split your bill and pay it off monthly!

Help your friends be financially responsible.
Let’s say your friend — we’ll call him Binod, has just started earning, loves buying new things but is horrible at managing finances. This is the perfect time for you to reach out to Binod and help him get financially responsible. With slice, he can shop smart and save up because of the offers we run. At the same time, our passbook feature will help him understand exactly how much he spent, where and what he should prioritize.

Share invite code on any medium

Wondering how you can get them on board? It’s as simple as forwarding a meme! You can share the invite code on any medium like Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook etc.
It’s fairly simple.
– Head to the profile section.
– Select the invite friends tab.
– Copy the invite code and add it to any text message or email. Right under the code, you also have the option to share via Whatsapp, Instagram and other apps.
Every person who signs up using your code will be another person getting closer to financial independence. By referring your friends to slice you are helping them build a strong foundation to their financial journey and of course introducing them to endless awesomeness!

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