Why repaying on time is the best gift to yourself?

Repaying your dues on time might seem a burden right now, but trust us, it will certainly be an asset for you in the future. Convinced already? Repay here

From saving a bounty to winning up to  100% cashback on the repayment of your dues via scratch cards and obviously getting a higher credit limit — timely repayment of dues works in your favour! 

Click here right now to repay your dues and read ahead to know interesting facts about repayment! 

The best part about repaying your dues on time is that — you do not pay any late charges. None at all! And hence, you save a bounty on interest.

 A quick tip: If you want to save up on some extra money, please do yourself a favour and clear all your pending dues. 

And, oh, the best part — on repayment of your dues, you will now be earning 100% cashback up to the amount repaid via scratch cards!

If in case, you decide to not repay you are an all-time favourite target of collection agencies! You ought to answer them time and again and deal with all the unnecessary hassle

In fact, it is not just collection agencies that trouble you, it is the recruiters as well. They seldom check your financial capability before they hire you. 

And, most importantly, your credit score remains healthy, wealthy and wise!

We believe that by this time you might already know how important your CIBIL score is! It literally has the power to make you or mar you. So, protecting it at all times is the best favour you can do to yourself! 

Now, that we’ve walked you through why repaying your dues on time is important, let us unveil that you will now be earning 100% cashback up to the amount repaid via scratch cards! 

Hurry, repay your dues now! 

Repay now!

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