Youngsters deserve better than a credit card

You might be too young for the banks but not for slice. Once you are 18 you get to vote, you get to drive etc. so why should you not get some money to spend on your own will. The previous generation had their own reasons to not prefer credit card but then they also did not have smartphones or the convenience that modern world offers.

Here is why slice card is better than other credit cards

A credit card can be one of the best options as your primary payment method, because why not? No No, we will tell you why!

1) It is a simple smart device. Barely the size of an ID card except that it can have a credit limit in Lakhs and easily fits inside your wallet. You never have anything to lose. Spend at your will, win rewards at every transaction, build a credit score that helps you at every step of future financial transaction from loans for a home to a vehicle or to start your business.
And you never have to worry about losing it. It is always convenient over cash and if you lose it, unlike cash, you are not actually losing any money.

2) They are secure with this insane anti-hacking technology planted in a tiny little chip. Transact using slice card with optimum security and shop worry-free.

3) Did it ever happen to you when a shopkeeper gives you a bad tasting candy instead of the change? Yeah I know, it sucks, I mean we are young not kids.

Use the slice card and pay the exact amount.

4) Among all the payments option, offers on a credit card make it even better. So not just you pay later but also, sometimes, Pay lesser than your spends. It’s like travelling back in time. No? Okay, no.

5) Ever felt like it was only yesterday when you had Rs. 20k and today there is nothing? Because you don’t remember where you spent your money. With slice App keep track of all the payments that you do with your slice Card. It helps you identify your bad and good spend and eventually helps you save money and makes you better at money management at a very early point of your life.

Yes, unlike other student credit card or any regular credit cards, slice lets you keep track of your transaction at the very moment when the transaction is made.

Apply for slice card- Better than the best credit cards in India. With slice card you get the below feature which makes it the better than other student credit cards or regular credit cards:

  1. Get a pre-approved credit line
  2. Repay at no extra cost
  3. slice has both virtual and physical card.
  4. Get No Cost EMI of up to 6 months any time of the year. Yes, Travel? Shop? Throw a party? Do all with slice no cost EMI and slice card.

We don’t see why a youngster does not deserve financial freedom! If you agree with all the points apply for slice card membership and if you don’t, still apply, you will see what we are talking about. Get on board with your friends.

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